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Who Is Amelia? –


Who Is Amelia?

Her deep love for him intoxicated her soul and drove her to complete darkness…


Amelia is a 21 year old single girl who lives many secret lives. She loves music, money and sex. She lies, manipulates and plays on everyone’s mind and emotions. Her personality in general is extremely confusing. She is pretty fucked up.

Amelias life line is her best friend Jay, they are inseparable. She has 4 other best friends who she loves very dearly and are in her every day life, they are all males and all live very crazy lives. The one thing they all share in common is there love for very erotic sex.

Amelias entire life is role playing.
Starting from the very reputable home she comes from. Her parents are very controlling and possessive over her. She lives with them as she does not have a choice, they will not let her leave home. They are extremely strict on her. But Amelia has her parents thinking she is an angel and does nothing wrong. At home her role is playing the innocent obedient daughter.

In the outside world she is known as A. Everyone knows her and she is friendly with everyone, but they are all just acquaintances to her and entertainment on a board day. Everybody knows A is a sex addict


loves a crazy party


Her role is being very wild and sluty.

Her day job is a guidance counselor and a psychologist which surprisingly she is very good at. She does enjoy this role of being very matured and grown up.

A loves making money so she does alot of side businesses , hustling her way with all the wrong people, acting like a boss, doing this is her favorite.

Amelia keeps all these life’s completely separate and secret from each other.
For her its some sort of 4play…

So who is she? What is she like?  What does she do?  Who really knows her?